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3D visualization of your pack design
DREAMCOMPOSER® was developed with designers in mind, enabling you to create high quality 3D mockups of your packaging design.
Unique embellishments
LEONHARD KURZ offers a large and bespoke portfolio of transfer products which can easily be accessed via DREAMCOMPOSER® to help make your design standout.
Smart real time visualization
Designing and visualizing your ideas has never been easier. Whether it is a carton, label or an exciting new mascara, in just a few steps you can move from a flat layout to a fully embellished 3D-Rendering.
Impress your customers
Happy with your design? Then impress your customers or colleagues with a 4K rendering or an interactive 3D-Model of your design, without the lead-time or cost of a physical mockup.
Bring your ideas to life
To get your free and exclusive access to try our software and visualize your packaging designs with 4k realistic embellishment effects, leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you!